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Deep in the MALICE MIZER Rabbit Hole: Where Scanners Sing and Languages Bend

Greetings, fellow travelers on the path of the MALICE MIZER obsession! This ain't no tourist bus—this is a rickety, music-fueled rocket ship blasting off into the heart of fandom. Here, we revel in the sonic splendors, dissect lyrics till they scream, and even unlock the secrets of foreign tracks, all fueled by a shared love that borders on insanity (in the best way possible).

Scanner Whisperer, Lyric Detective:

When first becoming a fan in 2010, and of visual kei in general, I never imagined owning any piece of music or goods (merch for the uninitiated). Yet that's exactly what happened in 2016, and now I own almost all of their releases.

So forget blurry web grabs and stock photos. Every image you see here, every concert flyer stained with tears of joy and backstage passes crumpled from nervous excitement, has been lovingly (and meticulously) scanned by yours truly. My trusty scanner hums like a lullaby when I unearth a new treasure, transforming memories into pixels for your digital altar.

But my quest goes beyond visual preservation. I'm a bit of a language renegade, so I've dedicated myself to cracking the code of those cryptic foreign lyrics. These are deep dives, line-by-line explorations where cultural references bloom and poetic nuances shimmer, revealing the hidden depths that make MALICE MIZER great.

The Ritual of Shared Obsession:

Think of this site as your virtual backstage pass. We'll dissect lyrics like surgeons, debate setlists like philosophers, and analyze musical evolution like musical historians on roller coasters. No matter if you're a seasoned veteran or a wide-eyed rookie, there's a place for you here, in this sanctuary where we can quote obscure b-sides, confess to crying to Le ciel, and daydream about being Gackt's roadie (don't judge, we all have).

A Few Caveats for Fellow Fanatics:

• My scans and translations are works of love, but the music belongs to the gods on stage. Respect the source, always.
• Comments are welcome, but keep them positive and playful. This is a lovefest, not a mosh pit.
• If you have rare lyrics, bootleg tapes, or concert posters stashed away, please, by all means, share the bounty! My scanner and I are always hungry for more.

So, crank up the volume, strap on your air guitar, and prepare to fall deeper down the MALICE MIZER rabbit hole. Let's build a community where lyrics sing in every tongue, scanners purr with the hum of obsession, and love for this band blazes like a thousand lighters held high.

Welcome to the inner circle, where pixels dance, languages bend, and MALICE MIZER reigns supreme.

Peace, love, and MALICE MIZER forever,

P.S. If you have any rare photos, posters, or memorabilia gathering dust in your attic, hit me up! I'll scan them with the reverence they deserve and give them a new home on this virtual shrine. And if you have Bara no Konrei on VHS, I will forever be grateful!