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Bara no Konrei ~Mayonaka ni Kawashita Yakusoku~
薔薇の婚礼 ~真夜中に交わした約束~

2002.03.22 Release

¥4,800 (tax out) / ¥5,040 (tax in)
2002.03.22 Release
¥6,800 (tax out) / ¥7,140 (tax in)

MALICE MIZER's silent film with 84 mins of runtime

In mediaeval London, a young man receives a letter requesting his services. Leaving behind his fiancée, Cecil, he travels to Transylvania to meet his client, Count Dracula, not knowing that a terrible nightmare is about to unfold at the castle.

※The female lead's name should be spelt Cecile, as Cecil is the masculine spelling.

※The VHS is the only official release the web master doesn't own, aside from the demo tapes and omnibus albums.
※Unsure of the VHS' catalogue number, but based on Bara no Denshou's, it is probably KSVD-24320

Klaha ( Klaha ) - the heroine's fiancée and a young man
Mana - a vampire who follows Count Dracula
Közi (Közi) - a rival vampire
Count Dracula (Yu~ki) - a vampire with long black hair and Mana's master
Cecil (Terumi Nagayoshi) - the heroine and the fiancé of the young man


Main Staff
Distribution: Gaga Communications = K Cinema Group

Produced by: Yukio Nihira, Shinichi Magami
Planning: Hideo Takano, Katsuaki Takemoto
Producers: Yoshie Hayashi, Tsutomu Kimino
Director: Hiroyuki Mutoh
Screenplay: Hiroyuki Mutoh
Assistant Director: Akemi Shimada, Takao Kurosawa
Co. Producers: Hiromitsu Suzuki, Yasushi Sakaue
Line Producer: Masao Maruyama
Technical Director: Tsutomu Ishigaki

Chief Photographer: Shingo Nakano
Photographers: Jun Takako, Yusuke Fuchino
Lighting Director: Hiroaki Yamaguchi
Editing: Takahashi Shinaotaka, Toshihide Fukano
Art Producer: Chiharu Hashimoto
Art Director: Hitoshi Shiota
Costumes: Osamu Takeuchi, Osamu Yasuhide
Music Supervisor: Shoji Tsuchida
Scripter: Hiromi Inoue
Steel: Kenji Tsukagoshi
Special effects: Locust
Sound effects: Shimojo Yoshiyuki
Special makeup: Masahiro Yotsuka